Presented at Gateshead International Festival of Theatre, 2013  Saturday 4th May. A live exhibition of dance theatre curated exclusively for GIFT; Vorführung, meaning demonstration in German, is a scrapbook of work created over the past three years.

The piece draws on work such as Living Postcards, a video project created in July 2012, residency at Live Theatre in 2010 and ‘She stands alone in the forest, the music plays…’ which is being redeveloped for 2013.


Vorführung is a mix of live performance, objects, images and video installation, bringing together a company of actors and dancers working together to push each others’ capabilities.


Performances by Jen Carss, Francesca Tomlinson, Beth Loughran, Liv Austen, Sabrina Bartlett, Matthew Serafini. Video pieces filmed and edited by Arto Polus. Produced by Caroline Pearce of Luxi Ltd




Vorführung - Gateshead International Festival of Theatre